Conservation and storage of goods delivered by customers in environments suitably equipped with the latest generation storage solutions and highly qualified personnel.


Picking, wrapping and packaging: picking, preparation and packaging of outgoing goods in relation to the product characteristics and the expected shipping methods.


Delivery and distribution: management of operational relationships, ensuring the safeguarding of the quality standards required for an agri-food product thanks to constant checks…


From the southern land to the heart of the world

Agromed Benefit Corporation was founded with the aim of taking the agri-food sector of the Ionian lands to a new level.
We want to make the agriculture and food excellence made in Puglia known all over the world.

The logistics and processing platform for agricultural products from the Ionian area

The goal is to offer potential customers a functional, streamlined, and innovative production facility operating in the logistics sector, capable of meeting delivery times and last but not least, maintaining the characteristics of the goods unaltered, given that most of the foods are highly perishable.

From local producers
to the global market

The objective of Agromed lies in the development of a production-logistic centre which allows small producers from numerous supply chains in the geographical area – which by themselves have low market penetration capacity – to supply their product so that it is stored and preserved, catalogued, qualified, started for a first processing and finally distributed on the target market, in particular between the MENA area, Italy and Northern Europe.